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Our goal with this project is to create and maintain sustainable urban green spaces. With each NFT purchased, we commit to plant a tree and cover the maintenance costs of that tree.

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Surprise! When you buy an NFT from Alma's collection, you won't know exactly what drawing you will get - it will be a surprise!



Once the purchase is completed, you will receive your NFT in your digital wallet. Don't have one? No problem, one will be created automatically through your email and you will receive your NFT in it.


Share your drawing with us on social media and become part of our community of sustainability and technology lovers!

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How do I purchase my NFT?

Click on the "I want my NFT" button.

Click on "I want my NFT" and follow the steps of Paper's payment gateway, a reliable and simple payment gateway for the web ecosystem3.

Choose your preferred payment method

With Paper you can pay with your credit card in your local currency (euros, dollars...) or connect your wallet to pay with cryptocurrency (USDC).

Check your Email and follow the steps

If you pay by credit card and do not have a wallet to receive the NFT, Paper will automatically create one for you. Check your email and click on the link. It's that easy.

Welcome to the community!

You are already part of the community! If this is the first time you buy an NFT and you have paid by credit card, access your NFT with the link you will find in your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Un NFT es como un «activo digital», es decir, una pieza de arte o un objeto digital único que puedes poseer y mostrar como una obra de arte real.

It's like having an original painting in your home, but instead of being a painting, it's a digital piece.

For example, in our Alma NFT collection, each piece is unique and by purchasing one, you are not only acquiring a piece of art, but you are also contributing to creating sustainable urban green spaces by planting a tree and covering its maintenance.

By owning an Alma NFT token you automatically become an exclusive member of the community, which gives you access to special benefits

The first 500 tokens of the collection have a special price of 225 € (245 USDC) in order to reward the first buyers.

Those who support the project from the beginning will enjoy discounts and advantages that will be announced very soon. Follow us on social networks to keep up to date with all the news.

Once the sale of the first 500 NFTs is completed, we will open the rest of the collection at a price of 300 € (330 USDC).

With each NFT purchased from our collection, we pledge to plant a tree and cover the costs of maintaining that tree.

By using cutting-edge web3 technology, we are able to make this project self-sustaining and ensure that these green spaces will thrive for years to come.

We accept payments in euros, dollars and crypto.

We use the Paper payment gateway to facilitate the transition to the web3 and you can pay with your debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay in a very easy and secure way.

In addition to contributing to the creation and maintenance of green spaces, being part of the Alma NFT collection has many benefits.

By purchasing an NFT from the Alma collection, you can help your company position itself as innovative and environmentally conscious.

Juanjo and María José are the founders of Alma NFT, which currently has a growing community. As social entrepreneurs, they are also the founders of Málaga Respira, a movement with the same purpose as Alma: to create urban green spaces.

Both have found in NFTs an innovative and disruptive opportunity to improve a project that works but now exponentially improves its proposal thanks to the use of technology.

They have been named Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact thanks to Málaga Respira and the Alma NFT project.

The project has been selected to be part of La Brújula XR, a digital hub that aims to accelerate and promote startups related to disruptive technologies. La Brújula is an initiative of the Malaga Chamber of Commerce and the INCYDE Foundation, co-financed by Feder Funds, in collaboration with the Malaga City Council and the Digital Content Hub.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our social networks or by scheduling a call..

We will be happy to answer any questions or doubts you may have 🙂